Improve Your Quality of Life Through Coaching

Life coaching is one of the most powerful forms of support available for creating change in our lives. Through a series of inquiries and personal development, you can start making effective life choices that would lead you towards a brighter future.

This is where we come in. At Sedreh Coaching, we offer coaching services through phone and video conferencing, which allows us to connect with you from anywhere in the world!

The Journey of Embracing Grief

We are committed to partnering with you in navigating your path of understanding, excepting, and overcoming your grief while improving interactions and communications with loved ones, coworkers, and peers. We are dedicated to accompanying you through your journey of embracing your grief, while achieving your lifelong dreams, including those that have not yet been accomplished.

Who We Are

Our founder, Dr. Al-Aswad, started her career in the dental field and taught as a professor at a university. She found her passion for coaching and connecting with others, and she wanted to offer her knowledge to others.

She is currently a certified  Master Grief Coach .

She is also a Professional Life Coach, how is Certified in Executive, and Emotional Intelligence coaching.

Your Path to a Better Life Starts Here

We provide customized coaching opportunities to all our clients so that we can cater to each of their goals. To get started, request an appointment.

Grief & Personal Empowerment

Embracing and understanig your grief

on your journey of achieving lifelong dreams and goals.