Dr. Lina Al-Aswad, Founder of Sedreh Coaching, LLC

Dr. Lina Al-Aswad is striving to establish excellence in grief coaching focused on self-empowerment, emotional intelligence, and achieving ones goals while embracing your grief.

Dr. Al-Aswad discovered her passion for grief coaching after she experienced the profound loss of her friend , mentor, anchor and loving  father. Her journey with grief, acceptance, and healing began with  the first day of his  diagnosis, till the day of his passing, and all that came in between and after. this journey has changed her life and perspective on love, loss and grief .

She is currently a certified Master Grief Coach, and hold additional certifications in emotional intelligence, and executive coaching.

Her passion for coaching began first hand through her vast reading in the last several years which was focused on self-development, and advancement. When it became evident that this is a new path, she would like to peruse in order offer help, and support to individuals, and organizations struggling in creating their road map to success on a personal, or professional level. She began interviewing practicing life coaches nationally and international, and gained experience working with them. Simultaneously perusing her education, and certification as a coach here in the US. Her work with clients here in the United states, and around the world is focused on self-empowerment, emotional intelligence, career advancement, and relationship coaching for individuals and organizations.

She has been and is still passionate about Dentistry and helping other.

Dr. Al-Aswad was keen on establishing a trademark in dental excellence, patient care, and conservative treatments.

Academically, she perused a degree in Dental Medicine and a Graduate Degree in pediatric dentistry from Boston University with academic distinction. Dr. Al-Aswad completed her Master’s degree in healthcare management/ public health from Columbia University, New York in October, 2016.

Practicing pediatric dentistry is challenging and rewarding at the same time. A child’s shy smile, hug, high five, or a personal story told at the end of an appointment no matter how challenging that appointment was is the greatest reward for a job well done by the dentist and staff.

Dr. Al-Aswad's passion doesn't stop at helping children within a practice setting; she worked on expanding to reach underprivileged children locally and in refugee camps. Therefore, she believes that the public health program will allow her to expand and further help with deeper impact in areas that are in dire need for expert public health programs.

Dr. Al-Aswad has co-founded a US nonprofit organization (Promise for Relief and Development) operating mostly in the war devastated Syria and aiding refugees in surrounding counties. As the vice president, legal attaché, she has developed both the orphan sponsor and food baskets programs. Also, she is a member of the Syrian Medical Commission, it is a charitable organization based in Kuwait City with members all in the medical field and spread all over the world. The mission of the organization is to provide funding and facilitate medical treatment for victims of the Syrian war at home or in Diaspora.