Baba, I hold you in my heart till we meet again, I love you

Happy Friday,
You have not lost till you have loved, a saying that keeps sounding in my heart before my ears, I don’t remember where or when I have come across this statement.
To all who don’t not know me, I have lost my friend, my anchor, my mentor when I lost my dad on Tuesday 8/27/2019
It is a story that has changed me forever, it is a story to be told by me, and read by you in bits and pieces as I make this commitment to write a short weekly blog honoring my grief & loss for my dad (Baba)
We all experience grief when we encounter the loss of a loved one due to death or divorce, loss of a pet, loss of financial security, and so many others forms of loss. You can read all the books, listen to experts on the topic of grief & loss, but you will not know what it is till you have experienced it.
It is that emptiness or hollow space in the middle of your heart, the feeling of something is so essential to your existence is missing as you go about your life, then for a second you stop and think when, where, what, and then you remember why. It is the first thing you wake up to, it can happen anywhere and at any time, and that is when feel the sharp pain of your loss that makes you fold over.
I can never grief like you, and I will never know what you are feeling exactly. I can relate, I can empathize with you but cannot tell you that I know exactly how you feel, as I have lost like you, but I did not live your life, did not walk in your shoes or had your experiences, nor you did mine.
Baba, I hold you in heart till we meet again, I love you.
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