What is grief

If you lost someone you love to death, or divorce, or lost your job, or loss of assets or investments, or lost your home. and you have that ache deep in your heart, or in the pit of your stomach, or feel an emptiness in the middle of your chest, your body ache, you are not sleeping well or not eating, you are experiencing grief.
We all will encounter grief during our life time, and more than once, but how we embrace it will make the greatest difference in enriching our lives, and living to our full potentials.
Embracing it is a journey that takes time, and it is different from one person to another. if you can do it on your own, I cheer and encourage you to do it on your own, but if you need help and seek it, I admire your strength, reliance, and commitment to heal yourself.
Baba, I hold you in my heart, till we meet again.
I love you
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