?My Grief & I?

?My Grief & I?
I am so excited to announce the launch of an interactive grief coaching group.
?My Grief & I? is a private group for you if you are :
?Grieving the loss of a parent.
?A caregiver , and experiencing anticipatory grief .
?You must be willing, and committed to conquering your grief, in order to live your full potential.
? I am offering this at no cost to you if you join the group prior to 11/30/2019.
?The group’s first phase is only for 30 days, and with live meetings only on Sundays @ 12:00PM New York time, with the first meeting scheduled for Sunday 12/1/2019.
?Question, comments and concerns are welcomed anytime within this group, and will be addressed in a timely manner.
?You must agree to all the group’s rules, and answer the questions in order to be considered to be added to this group.
?If you know of someone who can benefit from joining our group, please spread the word, and share this announcement .

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