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Conqure your grief in 2020

?2020 is the year to conquer your grief?
Sedreh coaching is launching a weekly “conquer your grief” complementary email initiative for a month.
? Commencing January 1,2020 ?
At the end of the month there are only three winners, and the prize is a complementary four half hour grief coaching sessions, no strings attached .
Interested, time is limited to join, don’t hesitate, for more details about this complementary initiative please email us at
? [email protected] ?
?spread the word?spread the love ?and spread the healing ?
?Please share this on your page?

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2020 Make It Your Year

2020 is around the corner, how do you want this coming year to mark your life. When you read this, what comes to your mind that might be holding you back. Your grief will never leave you, it is here to stay as much as the love for the person you are grieving . So…

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